Text Box:  Urine-Erase®
6 in 1® SYSTEM with Urine FINDER

     Works…Even When All else Fails …   30 Year Proven “SYSTEM”

Rounded Rectangle: After 30 Proven Years 
NOW Increased  Capacity
That Treats 25% MORE…
Too Many Bullets of Information?   
Veterinarians, Consumers, Retailers, Property Managers... 
Read  to your requirement…
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    URINE ERASEproof    

Rounded Rectangle: •	Urine Odours                      Urine-Erase®  6 In 1® System
•	Urine Stains
•	No Age Problem
•	Even 30 Years Set Stains
•	Oxydizes
•	Cleans
•	Many Final Rinse #2 Properties of Special Formula Hydrogen Peroxide Are Especially Understood by Veterinarians
•	“POOF” Safe Enclosed Room Air To Oxygen/Water
•	Pours On To Reach Sub-Floors and Floor Joists
•	No Rubbing
•	No Scrubbing
•	A Green Good Health Product: For People, Pets, Environment
•	Money Back Guarantee
•	Works Every Time On Any Porous Surface with Equal
        Amounts Used To Any Urine Deposit Regardless of Age
•	USER Activated Enzyme means 100% FRESH Potency- 
Not Bottled Storage “WEAKENED” over Time 
•	Proven Over 30 Year History
•	4 Different SKU’s Sizes Line for 1,2,3 Visual Shelf Step Ups    
•	Up To 40% per Kit Savings Per Bulk Kits
•	+25% More Removal Capacity Than 29 Year Proven Capacity
•	Capacity 25% Larger  Without Larger Bottle/Cap/Carton Costs
•	World’s First Urine FINDER “Displayed” in a Bottle Cap
•	Instructions Developed adding ALL Customer Questions...


Rounded Rectangle:                                 New: 
		Urine-Erase® Urine FINDER: 
•	Lifetime Guarantee… 
•	Batteries Included
•	Energizer Replaceable
•	Fluoresces  Urine Up to 10 Feet  
in darkness…
•	Up to 12 inches  in daylight…
•	24 K.Gold plated contacts ensures optimum electrical conductivity
•	Programmable switch with Glow In Dark Single Button Operation
•	Less than 8 grams
•	Highest Quality UV Urine FINDER
•	Available In Standard Kit
•	Packaged With 4 Litre (8 Standard 
Kits Bulk)
•	Packaged With 10 Litre (20 Standard Kits Bulk)
•	English/French Instructions Included
•	Bulb Never Burns Out
•	Polycarbonate Unbreakable Casing
•	1 3/8” long x 1” wide x 3/8” thin
•	Virtually Indestructible
•	Water resistant For Wet Conditions
•	Ultra-bright LED UV Light

Explosion 1: Click:  You See It…
POOF!  It’s Gone…
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How is Urine-Erase® Different?                   Two Different Ways...

#1 Fresh Enzyme... 

#2 Special Formula “Hydrogen Peroxide Completer Solution  has  many special  properties”.

Cloud Callout: In the Beginning an Important Enzyme Decision was Made : 
WHY do other products work one time and not always the next?                      
§	Long Established Chemical Fact
§	 Enzymes Over Time Lose Potency When Mixed Into Solution...This chemical Fact Has Not Changed...
§	User Adds Water: 100% Potency in 15 Minutes
§	Pay to mix/bottle/warehouse, ship & store at all levels “as it weakens” ?   Our competitors  call our System complicated ... we call ours clever and simple
§	Urine-Erase®  IS Different,  30 YEARS PROVEN  and
§	Works...Even When All Else Fails
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Text Box:  Thank You For 30 YEARS
During Our 30th Anniversary… in All Bulk 4 & 10 Litre Urine-Erase®

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