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My name is Glenn Reid, founder of Reidell Chemicals Limited:

During the mid 1960’s I was District Sales Manager firstly in Eastern Ontario for Moffat (Appliances of Toronto), and later Western Ontario. In that capacity I looked after builder sales in both of those areas for high rise apartments as well as all dealer sales into the areas. I left Moffat to form my own sales agency selling appliances and furniture to both those industries in Western Ontario.


I purchased two different eleven suite walk ups, 8 townhouses, and the above pictured 15 suite walk up. The above in fact was the 5th Case heard in Ontario during the new then RENT REVIEW, and after 3 years under established government rulings, (where I had very heavy losses), a 37% increase by the same Government Rent Review Board was awarded to this pictured building. 

Need I say more…..?

At that point I, Glenn Reid decided it was time for me to quickly get out of that business period and disposed of all buildings.  I understand CLEARLY many problems involved first hand.


 In 1977 we founded Reidell Chemicals Limited and built it around Urine-Erase® clearly understanding the advantages.


30 years later I finally found the right   Urine FINDER Light that warranted our name on it, and packaged the first Urine FINDER complete 475ml. kit everything complete in one bottle.


Our Urine-Erase® is very different, because ALL enzymes, (like many drugs), have always had a BEST BEFORE date required (that is not done) because the moment they are manufactured, they start to activate, and gradually over time lose their effectiveness. Urine-Erase® enzyme is mixed into water by the user for 100% potency within 15 minutes and is again DIFFERENT further with the Special #2 Solution..


New Additional Income suggestion FOR Superintendents:

Clearly understanding first hand urine problems in buildings, I suggest the SUPERINTENDENTS in each of the buildings be provided the rights to sell Urine-Erase®  to any tenant the moment a vacancy notice be given. The tenant then MUST irradicate all Urine from within their occupied unit. At the end of 15 days, the Superintendent then INSPECTS thoroughly the unit, and treats that unit (initially or again) at kit cost plus his/her labour COSTS, passed on to that tenant making sure ALL urine is treated well in advance of the actual vacancy in front of the tenant..


You must apply as much Urine-Erase® (one molecule of Urine-Erase® for EACH molecule of urine) in order to destroy it all to an evaporable gas of SAFE oxygen/water.

Being a TWO step product requires a call back, and you should never clean a carpet until AFTER the two different steps with 8 hours between. For this reason we suggest the superintendent make profits and be in control of the entire scenario prior to the carpet being professionally cleaned.


This helps explain why one product sometimes works when NEW and when later used again, doesn’t then get the job done. We did it right properly from the outset, and over the last 30 years veterinarians and dealers have sold and proven our SYSTEM with an impeccable record.

Please e-mail me if you are interested in participating in our PMUC program.


Yours sincerely,

Glenn T. Reid